web_toolsTechnical Expertise in Software Development

Our team brings several years of experience in software and electronic technology, including R&D projects (e.g. designs for consumer electronics, Internet devices, and digital imaging), and high-tech start-up experience in Silicon Valley, developing computer technologies and applications for advanced electronics (e.g. High Definition televisions, videogames, Internet Appliances, DVD players, etc.).

In our research projects, our software development team plays an important role to enable innovative and easy user interfaces and system operation. For example, in the LifeZig reminiscence Video System, we developed the full User Interface based on Linux to run on a television screen. In web applications, our knowledge of server script languages and server-side processing were also key to improve system performance. On the client side, the slideshow widget and other components of our online photo sharing were specially designed to run in iPhone and Android smartphones, enhancing the overall user experience.

Client and server software for web applications

We developed the complete online community sharing system calledPepcast, available to the public since 2009, after initially hosting pictures related to NASA Research Park. Originally developed for Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2008, Pepcast provided a community for thousands of attendees celebrating our space heritage at NASA Ames Research Center and around the world.

mobile_appsMobile Development

Experience with designs for smartphones, consumer portable devices, PDAs, and handheld computers.

Desktop Software

We developed a novel software program, called Personal Digital Memories for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities, funded by a SBIR grant from the National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). Derivatives of the work performed under this research program resulted in a novel commercial application called “Photozig Albums.”

Photozig Albuns

pzaPhotozig Albums is a free slideshow software and digital photo organizer that transfers photos and clips from digital cameras, organizes albums, produces slideshows with photos, movies, and music, generates screensavers, emails photos, and creates free online photo albums and slideshows.

Over 400,000 copies of Photozig Albums were downloaded. This program also includes a free photo sharing web site, from which over 1.5 million photos were downloaded in 2009.