Featured Research Projects

In collaboration with centers of excellence, such as Stanford University, University of California (UC Davis, UCLA, UCSF), and others, we have been developing assistive technology and applications for individuals with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers:

icare_studyiCare for Dementia Family Caregivers

The focus of this project is to develop a set of materials (DVD, web-based video, print material, etc.) to teach coping skills to dementia family caregivers. marker_listinfo

lifezig_studyLifezig Personalized Reminiscense

Personalized reminiscence therapy on television to enhance the well-being of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease. marker_listinfo

chinese_studyDVD for Chinese American Caregivers

DVD intervention for improving the quality of life of Chinese American family caregivers. Results showed that positive affect was increased and level of stress was decreased in the DVD group. marker_listinfo

pdm_studyPersonal Digital Memories

Help individuals with cognitive disabilities to use the computer as a tool to store personal memories and improve their performance in learning, memorizing and integration with family and community. We have investigated issues related to learning and memory problems of individuals with cognitive disabilities on how to provide instructions and learning via computerized instructions and prompts.

Technology for Alzheimer’s care

We are particularly interested in the investigation of the application of digital electronic technology for Alzheimer’s care to support relaxation, and enhancement of the quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers.

In this area, we are working on new concepts and behavioral interventions based on interviews with professionals dealing with the target population, academic researchers, and professional caregivers.

The results of this study is helping us to determine appropriate technologies and human factors to design new behavioral interventions.